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Jun 27-Jul 01 | Hyatt Regency Dulles (Hotel)

International Master Course

Jul 03-04 | Hyatt Regency Dulles (Hotel)

Poom/Dan Examiner Course - FULL/CLOSED

*Schedule may change.

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In order to recommend/apply the Kukkiwon Dan application for your students;

Effective July 2023, only masters who are certified as an International Master will be able to apply for the Kukkiwon Dan for their students. Unlike the past, a 4th Dan alone cannot process their students' dan application. In August 2020, this notice was sent to all KMS members worldwide. However, due to the pandemic situation, the enforcement date was postponed. For you to recommend/apply the Kukkiwon Dan application for your students, you must be certified as an International Master. Otherwise, your Dan application will be denied.

The time is approaching soon, and the certification courses are scarce outside Korea. Only the first 300 applicants will be accepted, so the registration will be based on a first-come, first-serve rule. We are EXPECTING a large turn-out due to the nature of the expo, where five major events are also being held simultaneously. The President of Kukkiwon himself will be presiding over the events.

Schedule and Location

As a part of the 2022 USA Kukkiwon Taekwondo Expo, we are pleased to announce the new and modified certification courses will be offered in the Washington D.C. area from June 27, 2022, until July 4, 2022.

June 27-July 1: International Masters Course

July 1-2:               Open Forum & Banquet with President Grandmaster Dr. Lee Dong Sup

                                Presidents Cup Championship

                                International Master Graduation

July 3-4:               Poom/Dan Examiners Course

                                Lead Through a Crisis-Professional school management seminar

                                Poom/Dan Examiner Graduation

Location: Hyatt Regency Dulles (Hotel), 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd, Herndon, VA 20171,

                       $109/night. The hotel is located within a short distance from the Dulles Int'l Airport.


For International Master (Licensing): Kukkiwon 4th Dan & higher, 20 years & older

For International Master (*Diploma course): Kukkiwon 2nd & 3rd Dans, 18 years & older. Must bring a letter of recommendation signed by his/her Master at the time of check in.

For Poom/Dan Examiner: Kukkiwon 4th Dan & higher, 20 years & older

*For those successfully complete the course will be granted 3rd class International Master when promoted to 4th Dan. You must apply to the Kukkiwon WTA for your status to be granted.

All registrations, including payments, must be done through the Web.

Due date: May 24, 2022 or first 300 enrollees; whichever comes first

The capacity is limited to 300 applicants in each course. Registration will only be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Fees:    -Please see the chart-    The fees include a textbook, an invitation to the Open Forum and Banquet with the President of Kukkiwon. Plated dinner will be served at the dinner banquet which will be held in the grand ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Dulles (”Hotel”) at 6pm on Friday, July 1. Dress code for the banquet is semi-formal. All fees are non-refundable.

2022 Kukkiwon Academy -Useful Information Chart-

International Master Course: June 27 until July 1 / Examiner Course: July 3 until 4




A very good news!: 2nd and 3rd KKW dan holders and if their ages are 18 years old on or before July 2, 2022, you will then be able to participate and receive a graduate certificate at the end of the course completion. You will then be granted as the 3rd class International Master as soon as you earn the 4th dan. You must submit the IM graduate certificate along with the 4th dan certificate to the World Taekwondo Academy. Must bring a letter of recommendation signed by his/her Master at the time of check in.

*Following items are “MUST” at the time of check in; copies of KKW Dan, passport or driver license. For those upgrading, you then also bring copies of current International Master and/or current Examiner certificates.

Dress Code/Schedule

The dress code for this event includes a white dobok with a black-trimmed V-neck. Having a school logo and patches on the dobok is allowed. Only white shoes will be permitted; flip flops, slippers, colored shoes, etc., are not allowed, but being barefoot is acceptable. Regarding the schedule, classes will be 10-12 hours a day, and a detailed copy will be provided a month before the seminar. Be sure to bring extra doboks because there will be a lot of sweating!


Referee/Judge opportunity at the Presidents Cup Championships (July 1 and/or July 2)

There is a referee and judge opportunity for anyone willing to participate. Volunteers will receive a daily stipend and a shared room for Friday and/or Saturday. If you are interested, reach out to us at or our phone number at 919-819-2845.

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